Legal solutions for your business needs

Youd Legal brings a combination of legal and business knowledge to draft legal documents for your business while also providing practical advisement. 

Whether your business is just an idea or you are experiencing the growing pains of shifting from a small business to something bigger, Youd Legal is here to provide you with the professional assistance that you need.

Starting a Business

You have a great idea for a business – now what? We will work with you to choose the right type of business and draft and file all required paperwork to start you off on the right foot and protect you from personal liability.

Human Solutions

A carefully drafted employee handbook can be a major factor when an employee sues her employer. We work alongside you to draft a handbook that is customized to your business and will provide you with needed legal protections. We also provide advisement on other HR matters such as hiring, training, and company culture.


Whether you need a unique contract drafted or you are analyzing a proposed contract, we help you to cut through the dense legal terms and advise you on what you are agreeing to.  We offer services through the drafting, analyzing, and negotiating stages of contractual relationships.