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Jon Youd (rhymes with “loud”) is the founder of Youd Legal.  Jon graduated from The Marriott School of Management, where he was a Monson scholar, with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. Before returning to law school Jon worked as an executive recruiter in the banking industry. Jon graduated cum laude from the J. Reuben Clark School of Law in 2019. During law school Jon also joined a local start-up as the Chief People Officer in charge of all human resources functions.

Jon’s reason for studying human resources and eventually law is his passion for helping people. Whether you are a parent planning for the financial future of your family or a small business owner building a future for your employees, Jon wants to help you through the process.

You can contact him directly at (435) 287-4334.

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Jon lives in Monroe, Utah with his wife and two children. His interests outside of law include gardening, four-wheeling, and reading good science fiction.

Jon Youd, Central Utah Attorney

Our (virtual) Office

You may notice that it is hard to find a street address for our office on this website. To put it simply, our office is wherever you need to be in Utah. Why have we taken that approach?

As an undergraduate business student, Jon studied the ways that improved communication technology is changing how the world works. The most obvious examples are the rapid decay of the brick and mortar storefront by online shopping services such as Amazon, or the complete death of the movie rental store by online video streaming services. Amazon is able to offer you a better deal on that electronic gadget than a storefront because when you are buying the gadget at the store, you are paying the extra price for overhead costs: keeping the lights on, the building leased, and the shelves stocked. 

Attorney fees aren’t always cheap, and we are looking for ways to reduce our overhead costs to add the savings to your bottom line. Beyond that, we are strong believers in the overused phrase that “time is money.” That means that if something can be communicated to you through a phone call, email, or text message, we aren’t going to make you drive into an office to talk about it face-to-face. When we do need to discuss or sign something in person we want it to be in a place that is convenient for you, whether that is in your home, your office, or over lunch. 

Beyond all of this, Jon grew up in a rural community and knows how an errand can end up taking half of your day driving. Jon is interested in serving the rural communities of Central and Southern Utah, so he settled in a place where he can commute to you when you need to take care of things in-person. And when things don’t need to be in-person, Jon is very comfortable communicating with you via phone, video, and email.